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KL Sentral Facilities

[ What is available at KL Sentral ]


More Information = Better Planning  

Most of the time when i visit other country, i prefer to look for the information counter or the tourist centre to get the information i need. The last thing i will do if i cannot find it, is to ask the local !!
It is just a natural thing to do as a tourist, right? If only i could get the info beforehand, i can plan my trip better and spend more time for sight-seeing instead of searching !!! Well.. not everything is "google-able".

Below is the facilities available at KL Sentral...

1. Fast Food & Cafe

 You will not starve, so don't you worry. McDonald is open 24/7 here. Certified Halal by the Malaysian Government

 At the very centre of KL Sentral

Starbucks, Subway and Secret Recipe.
For sandwich, coffee & cake lovers, you can hangout here, enjoy the free WIFI service

This is near the KLIA express arrival gate

other place to eat @ KL Sentral :  Burger King, KFC, Dunkin' Donut, Coffee Bean and lots more !!! xD

2. ATM Machine

Don't be afraid if you are out of Malaysian Ringgit. There are plenty of ATM machine here, accepting all major credit card and foreign ATM card for cash withdrawal.

Maybank, Bank Islam, CIMB, Bank Rakyat, RHB Bank, HSBC

This is just beside McDonald

3. Money Changer

You have other currency and wants to exchange them?? Problem solved !!

2 money changer kiosk side by side available.
However, close at 9pm local time.

This is near McDonald & Starbucks.

4. Taxi

Thinking of finding your hotel the easy way?? Official taxi / van / limousine are available here
After 12 midnight, the charge will double.

This is located at level two of KL Sentral

This is another taxi counter, at level one, near the KLIA Express arrival gate & starbucks

5. Locker / Bag Storage

Want to keep your heavy luggage & backpack safely??
We have it all !!

There are a lot of storage available.
Choose your storage locker, whether you want it medium, large or extra large !!

Price differ according to storage capacity.

The biggest storage is more than half of the height of that tourist (in white shirt) !!!

With the MOST expensive, which is extra large locker, cost you RM 20 only per usage !!!

You need a token machine to use the storage, change your Malaysian Ringgit here, happy holiday !!

6. Flight Ticket Counter

There is Malaysian-Airlines ticketing counter at KLIA Express Departure gate. Their rival, AirAsia ticketing counter located at level two.
Several travel agent counter are also available here, so you can buy their services, such as KL hop-on bus and many more !!

7. Convenient Store & Bookstore

3 Convenient stores selling all kind of stuff, from mineral water, candy, snacks to magazine and umbrellas.
Bookstore are located at level two. 

8. Public Toilet / Public Bathroom / Diaper Changing Room

Public toilets are free, well-maintained & clean.
Public Bathroom is pay-per-usage based, it is at level one, near the storage / locker place. Will only cost you less than RM 2 per entry.

9. Muslim Prayer Room

Separate male and female prayer room are available at level one also. Located near the storage / locker place.

10. Police Station

Located at level 4, KL Sentral is a safe place to be, with plenty of police officer allocated to make sure the safety of the people here, including tourist like you.

I guest thats about it, this should give you enough information about KL Sentral.

The only downside of it is that, only one information counter is available, it's in front McDonalds, but there is no "Information" sign, so tourist might not noticed it !!!

Last but not least...
Our information counter !!!

To me, even as a local, this looks like a booth, selling merchandise... lol

This is at the centre of KL Sentral, in front of McDonalds..

Feel free to ask !!!

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